Network Tools for


NetworkView provides a graphical view of network devices and topology.

NetworkView performs network discovery and monitoring of network resources and displays a convenient representation of both logical and physical network structure.

NetworkView identifies hundreds of network infrastructure devices and shows graphical views with advanced capabilities including representation of switch stacks and device clusters.


EAPTest is a tool for networking professionals working in 802.1x secure network access environments.

EAPTest allows testing authentication on RADIUS servers using common Extended Authentication Protocol (EAP) methods. The tool greatly facilitates the setup and troubleshooting in 802.1x environments.


ICMPUtil is a tool to monitor multiple Hosts network connectivity using ICMP echo requests.


IperfUtil provides a simple and native macOS graphical interface for the Iperf3 performance tool.


Dot1xProfile is a small utility to generate 802.1x network authentication profiles.

Profiles can be exported in mobileconfig files and later installed on OSX or iOS devices or can be installed directly on the local computer.

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