System Logging Protocol facilitates the transfer of information from network devices to a central server, known as syslog server, in a particular message format. This logging protocol is a crucial part of network monitoring as it helps you track the overall health of network devices by simplifying log message management.

SyslogView processes received Syslog messages according to the following scheme:

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Message filtering

When a Syslog message is received, the SyslogView configured filters are checked in the configured order until a filter defines how the message should be managed.

Accept filter

The filter is selected if the Facility and the Priority matches the received message facility and priority fields, and the message text matches the filter Wildcard.

The message is stored with the Class and Level defined the in the filter. The original Syslog message text can be translated to a custom message selecting the Translate message check and entering a Message string. User defined fields can be extracted from the original Syslog message text and included in the translated message using the Fields data.

Drop filter

The filter is selected if the Facility and the Priority matches the received message facility and priority fields and the message text matches the filter Wildcard. The Syslog message is discarded.

Scrip filter

Contains an user defined script. The script can accept (accept fucntion) or discard (drop function) the message. If no action is taken, the next filter is checked.

Message Summarization

Summarization allows you to eliminate redundancy in the messages presented to the user by unifying multiple identical messages into a single one.
By activating the Summarize option in an Accept filter or executing the accept funcion in a Script filter, all messages with identical content are presented in a single line indicating the number of messages and the time interval in which they were received.

Script Language

NetworkView scripts uses a high-level interpreted programming language with an elegant syntax inspired in the Python programming language and designed to provide NetworkView with a powerful customization capacity. Script code is easy to read and understand thanks to the lack of semicolons and braces.

Custom Views

A Custom view allows you to establish various message selection criteria that are applied together to select the displayed messages.

Debugging Filters

In order to configure and debug the filters necessary to collect the desired information from the received Syslog messages, it is possible to use the Syslog message simulator.



When new Syslog messages are processed by a filter referencing a Mail group, email notifications are sent the the email Addresses contained in this Mail group.

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