TecWrite is a markup based documentation authoring application, offering advanced features sush as paging nad storing images in the docment.

Automatic authoring application


Focus on content

Just write, TecWrite manages the rest.


With a free DeepL authentication key.


Main features:

  • - Message translation

  • - Desktop and mail notifications

  • - Markup language compatible with markdown.

  • - Modern interface specifically designed for macOS

  • - Own markup language with the main elements necessary to create technical documentation.

  • - A document can be printed, exported to PDF, exported to HTML and exported to multilanguage Apple Help Book to be included as a user manual in an application.

  • - Export to HTML can be done as a multi-page document with index page or as a Single Page Application (SPA) with left or center alignment.

Markup based language

Simple and clear language. Allows any page configuration in a simple way. Forget about tabs and spacing, TecWrite adjusts everything to the same format.


+34 document languages.

TecWrite can automaticlly translate document in different languages. Translation is donde using DeepL cloud translation service.

A single TecWrite document can store the document contents in several languages. You can write in one language and the document can automaticlly be made avaiable in other languages.

TecWrite Translation


Help Book

TecWrite allows user to export the document to a macOS Help Book use.


PDF / Printing

While printing the document you can specify preferences. 



Automaticly generates a web version of the document. Single Page Centered / Single Page full width / Multiple pages



Proposed Links

TecWrite suggests links, to speed up the linking process.


Drag & Drop

You can add images, simply by dropping them on the line.


Error call

TecWrite points out code errors in real time.


Download TecWrite

Buy TecWrite throught the macOS AppStore.
Find details and step-by-step instructions on how to use the software.